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      A chemical assessment in MN - call phone 612.474.4100 to schedule - is a diagnostic test meant to diagnose substance abuse and addiction problems in Minnesota. The assessment is also used to help people with alcohol or drug problems get admitted into statewide treatment programs.

      Sadly, according to the respected Center on Addiction, people being assessed are at risk of being misdiagnosed, improperly sent to treatment, or undertreated when an addiction illness is present. A chemical assessment oftentimes requires a judgement call from the therapist conducting the assessment. As the Center on Addiction points out, licensed assessors can lack extensive specialized training and make poor decisions. Of added concern, is that many rule 25 chemical use assessments are completed at for-profit mental health treatment centers. This can cause an assessor to be biased and recruit people into treatment, even when treatment is medically inappropriate, unwanted, and/or in a poorly ran treatment facility. If the assessment is court ordered for a DUI or DWI, then the court or probation will expect that person to comply.

      There is good news however: receiving a quality chemical use assessment from a private, independent testing agency is available! The leading 3rd party agency in Minnesota is the Independent Chemical Assessment Center, dial 612.474.4100 to schedule your assessment. At the center, only assessors with advanced education, who are specially trained to listen to the person being assessed and support his or her wishes and interests for treatment – are available. This client-centered approach is refreshingly different than the typical experience at for profit treatment centers. For one, the person being evaluated receives a fair assessment because the Independent Chemical Assessment Center is completely separate from the treatment industry. Second, when treatment is sought out, a referral is provided to the best treatment available in the state over a poorly ran for-profit clinic. They offer the Rule 25, chemical dependency evaluations, and alcohol assessments. Call 612.474.4100 to schedule your private, independent assessment today!

Chemical Assessments available statewide via videoconference or in person. Schedule your Assessment by dialing phone 612.474.4100

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     During an alcohol or drug assessment, a person will be interviewed for about one hour by a licensed therapist. The therapist will ask the person questions to get a better understanding of the person’s unique situation and try to determine if an addiction illness is present. The assessor may want to talk to other people, including friends, family, a lawyer, court judge, probation agent, DUI / DWI attorney, social worker, DMV. Remember, being honest is the best approach as independent assessors, Call 612.474.4100 to schedule, work for you and are on your side.

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Chemical Assessments available by appointment, call phone 612.474.4100
Appointments available statewide either in person or secure videoconference.
home 225 South 6th Street Suite 4000, Minneapolis, MN 55402